With their first full-length album “Prince Of The Tribes” (18th June, 2021 on Scarlet Records) Reinforcer go one step further on their path that has started in 2015 and reached its first peak in 2018 with the release of the well acknowledged debut-EP “The Wanderer”.

The five piece from Paderborn, Germany combines classic Heavy Metal with an epic Power Metal approach and takes the listeners on a journey full of dual lead guitars and heroic melodies.

The impressive clean yet powerful vocals by frontman Logan Lexi are the appropriate weapon to tell stories from different historical eras and events. All supported by the thunderous drum work with a large amount of double bass action that gives the band the necessary speed. Reinforcer will make you feel battle ready, no matter where you are. Take your sword and pledge allegiance to the Force!        

Logan Lexi - Vocals
Niclas Stappert - Lead Guitar
Tobias Schwarzer - Rhythm and Lead Guitar
Marvin Fretter - Bass
Lasse Schmiedel - Drums